25 years ago Swan spontaneously began to create this unique art form that she calls Sacred & Temple Veils. As an interior designer, she was searching for art that was unique, multi-dimensional, textural and beautifully, divinely inspiring and could find nothing that was excitingly unusual or adequately inspiring. In a state of deep meditation she set her eclectic collection of silks and icons, jewels and crystals around her, and in a revelatory moment she began to create patterns and forms on the silks with her sacred objects. The Veils were born and quickly became acclaimed and sought after.  As she creates Swan remains in a state of divine communion thus the Veils are not only imbued with celestial energy but also emit high frequency sacred emanations. Sacred Veils and Temple Veils are now housed in private and corporate collections in England, Europe, the U.S and Australia. 

The Veils assist the observer to connect more to the divine and to activate the innate divine essence that lies within every one of us.  

Veils come in two forms: Sacred Veils, smaller works of art, suitable for any wall or altar, focal point in a room, and Temple Veils which are larger compositions involving many months of contemplation and creation.

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